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Welcome to ZeldaGalaxy!

We are a division of Spenur Bret Corps.

We are finally out of beta and In our first layout :D Layout 1.0

this Is a historical moment In ZeldaGalaxy history.

Expect to have a ocarina of time walkthrough up soon,

as well as most of our pages to be somewhat completed.

We are a non profit non official Zelda fan site

that is in no way afiliated with Nintendo.

News Update 4 on 8/23/12:

Hey everyone sorry I haven't

done mutch work on this project for about 8 months now

but trust me this fall and winter will be prime time to start work on this

puppy again. I have just cleaned up so many bugs on this website

its crazy expect to see more content soon :)

News Update 3 on 12/19/2011:

Hey check out our new bio page here.

News Update 2 on 12/04/2011:

Today I am working

extensively on the ocarina of time text walkthrough

and I am updating the site.

News Update 1 on 11/27/2011:

Today I created the website

and am about to start work on on the

ocarina of time site walkthrough

and our other pages on the site.




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